Petrossian Caviar Vodka by Guillotine

Petrossian Caviar Vodka by Guillotine

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Region: France

Size: 700 ml

Alcohol: 40%

EXCLUSIVE VODKA WITH CAVIAR- 20g of Petrossian Caviar per Liter


Discover the Petrossian Caviar vodka by Guillotine. The young French vodka brand named Guillotine has partnered with our centennial House to create an exceptional vodka. A true feat when it comes to flavour, this super-premium vodka is the fruit of our collaboration and the result of our shared desire to associate two unique types of know-how. This vodka is guaranteed free of additives and is made from grapes from vineyards in the Champagne region. It's made with our Ossetra Tsar Impérial® caviar, the specific caviar that's ideal for the process of maceration and dilution. 20g of caviar are needed to make one litre of vodka. In terms of tasting, it's delicate on the nose with a hint of brininess and an almost smoky aroma. To the palate, it reveals delicate flavours with iodized notes reminiscent of caviar and a hint of smokiness, balanced by the citrus freshness of the original Guillotine Vodka. This vodka with caviar should be served at temperatures that ranges between -2 and 4°C. Savoured neat, it allows you to ''imagine another approach to caviar'' according to Mikael Petrossian. It perfectly matches Petrossian signature delicacies such as classics like smoked fish, tarama, and of course caviar. Fear not using it in dishes such as tagliatelle with Ossetra Caviar and vodka sauce. At the Petrossian restaurant it is served alongside a lemon dessert.