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      48 products

      Unwind with friends in a private party room in Hong Kong

      Living our busy life in Hong Kong, we sometimes have to let our steam out by having a night out with friends. But finding a good venue for a night full of action can be tricky. That is when you need a party room. Not just for its space but also with all the cool equipment like karaoke machine, gaming consoles, mahjong, poker table and snooker. A couple of friends spending a night with some nice party delivery service, really is a perfect way to chill after a busy week.

      With service providers like Winest.HK providing party room delivery to no matter where you want your party room drinks until late at night, you will never need to worry about running out of party drinks again!

      Types of party rooms

      Depending on what you plan to do with your friends, there are different types of party rooms that suit the activities or the overall experience you can enjoy with your friends. From 10,000+ sq. feet space with a huge dance floor to hold your private dance party, entertainment club style room with bar table, cigar boxes and snooker, to just a room full of games like poker, mahjong and board games. There are tons of choices in areas like Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Kwun Tong, but do take your time and go through them and you will find the right party room for your event.

      Why not a bar? 

      If you’re just looking for a space for you and your friends to have a chilled night out to drink and party, why not just go to a bar? Of course, it may be more convenient as you don’t really have to book ahead and do any planning. But to make the most out of your money, spend them on renting a nicer party room instead of buying expensive booze from a bar. Everyone knows how expensive it is to order drinks in a bar.

      With companies like Winest.HK, you can just order your party drinks and save yourself the hassle of buying and carrying all the heavy party drinks to the room. In most cases, renting your own room with party delivery is likely to be cheaper than going to a bar.

      A party room is not just for partying

      Not all of us have a 3 bedroom house with a massive living space. And honestly, given the busy lifestyle of HongKongers, how much time are we going to spend in our own living room anyway? But sometimes, we do need the space, like a party room, for an occasional gathering, not just for a party, but maybe just some shorter, less active events. A movie night with a few friends before watching the sequel in cinemas? A room to finish off a project with workmates then a short celebration? Maybe a meetup of your pets and their pals in a pet friendly space? Perhaps a place for a nice cosy bbq?

      Party rooms can provide you with an inexpensive space to do the things you want with your friends and family. This coupled with a party delivery service of food and drinks will really spice up the occasion!

      How to organize a night of drinking

      If budget is the number one concern here, just rent the cheapest party room you can find, and go buy everything yourself in a supermarket and bring it up to the room yourself. But hey! Who wants to be the one carrying 2kg of ice, a bottle of Gin and 24 tonic and look like a delivery guy?

      This is where Winest.HK comes in. With our fastest, easiest, finest party delivery service, even when you order your party drinks when everyone is starting to arrive, you can be sure that our party room delivery will arrive within 1-2 hours, just on time to get everyone the party room drinks they want!