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      The different kinds of beer

      Many kinds of beer exist and we are lucky Hong Kong is no stranger to most styles of them. Lots of taprooms around offer hundreds of these bitter yet tasty liquids on tap. Moreover, Hong Kong has one of the largest number of craft beer breweries in Asia.

      No matter where you are, beer delivery service is widely available for you to buy beer in Hong Kong online. And with Winest.HK, you’re sure that you’re getting the fastest, easiest, finest beer delivery in Hong Kong.

      What is beer?

      It is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of malt, hops and yeast, along with water. The brewing process can be dated back to as early as 6000 BC, where remains of barley were found to be used in making drinks. Throughout history, the brewing process underwent a lot of changes and many were lost. To this day, 2 major styles dominate the market: Lager and Ale. Lager uses bottom-fermenting yeast which sinks, and ale uses top-fermenting yeast that floats. The yeast used in lager requires low temperatures hence lager is better drink chilled. Ale, on the other hand, can be fermented in warmer temperatures. The nature of Lager, needs to be drunk and thirst quenching made it dominate the current market.

      What is craft beer? 

      Defining craft beer is a bit tricky. First, we’ll have to understand that this term does not relate to any specific method, ingredients or location of brewing. The word “craft” simply means that this beer is made in a smaller quantity than others, so people would believe that it is something made with more attention to detail. This is true to a certain extent, as they are made in small quantities, breweries are able to “experiment” with each brew to create hundreds of different flavors with different ingredients added.

      The Brewers Association in the US defines craft beer brewery as “annual production of less than 6 million barrels”, which is only 3% of all beer produced in the US annually. In Hong Kong, there is no such an association or rule to distinguish this. But there is an even simpler method currently that works for most craft beer in Hong Kong: If the beer is brewed in Hong Kong, it should be crafted, as there is no way for any craft beer brewery in Hong Kong to produce enough to represent a major market share, locally or internationally.

      Beer delivery in Hong Kong

      As the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, the delivery of beer is widely available. Any shops or online stores who sell bottled water are likely to sell beer as well.

      But if you’re in a hurry or need the most flexibility in ordering your liquid of gold, Winest.HK is the best choice. No matter if you're ordering a 6-pack or a full case of 24, we allow you to mix different beer flavours from the same brewery. Combine that with our chilled, 1 hour free beer delivery in Hong Kong with no minimum order amount required, you can create your own tasting pack of 6 cans from all the breweries and brands we sell. Having a beach party and in need of more beer? Our beer delivery can send you 24 cans with a great discount, have us deliver your beer to the beach chilled and with different flavours to suit everyone on site!

      We always deliver our beer chilled

      After you have purchased online, we always deliver our beer chilled, the same goes for all our craft beer as well. By ordering with our beer delivery service, holding a bottle of chilled beer in Hong Kong has never been easier. Beer is best when it is chilled, and that’s why we always deliver them chilled to you!