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Ordering wine from our online store

Having a bottle of wine in Hong Kong is used to be considered as something luxurious, reserved for those who have the time, resources or power to enjoy their life instead of just living it. Opening a bottle means it's a special occasion. This is true maybe when we’re back in the 20th Century.

Look at the world we live in now. Wine is not only sold in shops, but also in hundreds of wine online stores. It is now an important part of every aspect in our modern day life. People, companies and even industries rely on the selling, marketing, delivering, storing and most importantly, the drinking of wine.

The wine retail industry in Hong Kong

Fast forward to where and when we are currently, since the removal of import tax for wine to Hong Kong in February 2008, Hong Kong has become the hub for best wine delivery in the Asia market. Millions of wine are being imported and exported in the ports of Hong Kong every year, and a more than welcome side effect of being the trading hub of wine in Asia, is that a lot more wine is available to the local market as well.

Hundreds of wine shops begin to appear in the streets of Hong Kong, providing all sorts of wine in every price range. And with the growth of online shopping, wine online stores begin to rocket as well. Wine lovers starting to buy their wine online, coupled with convenient wine delivery in Hong Kong has become one of the fastest growing segments in the logistics industry. Today, finding a good store that provides good wine delivery is almost as important as the quality of the wine itself.

What makes a good wine delivery service in Hong Kong

The number one key to a good wine delivery service in a city like Hong Kong, where everyone is busy from Monday to Sunday, is time. Or, how less time it takes to deliver. On this matter, Winest.HK is absolutely the fastest, free wine delivery service in town.

By having our own team of motorcycle riders, we are able to deliver to all areas and locations with legal motorcycle access in Hong Kong, Kowloon or New Territories within one to two hours. And with operation times extended to midnight, the service provided by Winest.HK is absolutely fantastic in terms of wine delivery time, both length and when.

What to look for in a wine online store? 

Easy. That’s the word we want when we go shopping anywhere. And that is the whole point of shopping online, we want to save ourselves the trouble of going to a store, so we go online. When we shop online, we are either using our computer with a large horizontal screen or our mobile phones with a smaller screen in the vertical position. Hence the first thing a good wine online store has to offer is the compatibility with both types of devices and screens. Winest.HK storefront is both optimized to be displayed on any type of screen.

Winest.HK takes the word easy to the next level by being the “easiest” free  wine delivery in Hong Kong and online. There is tons of flexibility with how you can order with us. Checkout with the website gives you the most in terms of choices and payment methods. In a hurry? Just send us a message through Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook. Our Hong Kong wine customer service is answering phone calls 24 hours a day. We make sure ordering wine from Winest.HK is going to be the easiest shopping experience for our customers, and will enjoy buying wine in Hong Kong online from us.