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      Having a junk party in Hong Kong? 

      The hot and humid summer of Hong Kong is not too enjoyable, unless you are at a junk party in Hong Kong. You can be getting a tan on the deck one second and the next second you can be on a jet ski dashing into the waves. You can’t really call yourself having spent your summer well without a few junk parties in Hong Kong. Finding a nice junk boat in Hong Kong is not difficult, but to be really able to enjoy it, you will need the best junk package in Hong Kong, including an assortment of drinks and alcohol.

      Finding a junk boat in Hong Kong

      A yacht? Jet ski or speed boat? Bigger decks or larger rooms? When it comes to junk boats in Hong Kong, there are so many options. Finding the right one may prove to be a difficult task. Besides going through boat rental companies one by one, there are now online platforms that group all this information together which makes it so much easier for you to choose the right boat. You can either rent a junk boat in Hong Kong according to your group size, or the water sports you would like to have.

      Where to go for a junk party in Hong Kong

      There are so many locations suitable in Hong Kong for a junk party on the sea. Clearwater Bay, Stanley Bay, Turtle Cove, Sai Kung, Deep Water Bay...etc, all these locations are very convenient for your Hong Kong junk boat to stay for a nice party. But this also depends on where your group would like to board the boat and the requirements set forth by the boat’s operator. Central Pier is a popular choice as it is very conveniently reachable by MTR. Aberdeen is another one in the middle of the city easily accessible by public transport. Sai Kung is the choice if you want to get to a good docking spot and start your water activities fast.

      When is the best time for a Junk boat party in Hong Kong?

      There is no time unsuitable for a junk boat party in Hong Kong. You can plan a full day of activities under the sun for those fun water sports like banana boat or jet ski. Or, a full night of partying under the stars on the water. But take note that not many boat operators are willing to extend your trip into late night as the cost of the crew is much higher. So, it is usually better value for your money to have your junk party in Hong Kong during the daytime.

      As for which day to go on junk, weekends or holidays is always on the top of the list. But keep in mind that since these days are very popular, you really have to plan ahead and book your junk boat in Hong Kong, as well as catering, at least 4 to 6 weeks before the actual party takes place. Or else you will be left with limited selection of boats, as well as food and beverage packages.

      Organizing a junk party in Hong Kong the easy way 

        So you have your Junk boat and catering booked, place, time and duration decided. Is there anything else you have missed? The booze of course. For that, you will need to get yourself a good junk package Hong Kong has to offer.

        By ordering your booze with Winest.HK, you can schedule your junk package Hong Kong order to be delivered to where you board your junk boat in Hong Kong. Select from a range of different drinks to create your own custom Hong Kong junk package. And if that’s not enough, get accessories like ice and ice buckets.

        Contact Winest.HK customer service to get a quote on the booze you want for you and your friends, and make your junk party in Hong Kong stand out from the other junk parties in Hong Kong!