Moscato Wine + Mango

Moscato Wine + Mango

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Region: Piedmont, Italy.

Size: 750 ml

Alcohol: 5.5%

Grapes: 100% Moscato

Enjoy at 8°C

BIGIO'S, a new variety made from Moscato mixed with fruit pulp, was born at the Lange Regional Center in Piedmont. The Piedmont region is close to France, between the mountains and the Mediterranean. Moscato is famous here, and it has a perfect fresh refreshing sensation in the mouth. 

BIGIO'S is designed to make a drink that is very suitable for young people, low in alcohol, fruity, and can be used to make cocktails (mixed with gin, vodka, rum, etc.)

Italian sweet white wine has always been the most popular among ladies. Added 100% juice, the fine bubbles bring out the fresh fruit aroma, comfortable and rich, nicely drinkable.