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      Enjoy Whisky - your liquid sunshine

      The whisky market, not limited to Hong Kong but globally, has undergone a lot of changes in the last decade. Originated in Scotland, this “water of life” from the highland still plays a major role in the market globally. However, many countries have started to grow their market shares and are recognized by drinkers as good quality whisky, Japan in particular. Buying a bottle of whisky in Hong Kong is easy given that many online stores provide whisky delivery to Hong Kong customers at a very reasonable price. So if you are ever in need of quick, reliable whisky delivery in Hong Kong, let our online store help you out!

      What is Whisky? And how is it made? 

      To understand whisky before purchasing it online, first you need to understand what spirits are. Any alcoholic beverage that has been distilled to increase its alcohol volume is. Different ingredients used in the making and distillation make different kinds of spirits. When grain or malt is used, and is then aged in wooden barrels, that’s whisky.

      You can make Whisky using water, grain and yeast. Interestingly, the quality of water is actually considered the most important factor in the quality of a whisky. To start the whisky fermentation process, yeast is added to grain. In most cases, the grain is malted barley. Other grains may also be added like rye, corn, oats or wheat. But as the name suggests, if you’re making a single malt, then only malted barley is used. When buying whisky in Hong Kong, most people are still favouring Scottish single malts, but other whisky types like grain, blended or bourbon, have been gaining popularity with more and more people learning to appreciate it.

      Whisky or Whiskey? 

      This is quite the common question and the answer is simple. Both are correct and it's just a matter of spelling. However, there are some generalizations for the usage of each spelling: “Whisky” is typically used by distilleries from Scotland, Canada and Japan. On the other hand, “Whiskey” is used by distilleries from the US and Ireland.

      Types of whisky

      There are namely 5 major types of Whisky, which are distinguished by their origin:

      -          Scotch – Scotland

      -          Bourbon – USA

      -          Irish Whiskey – Ireland

      -          Canadian Whiskey – Canada

      -          Japanese Whisky – Japan

      The cask or barrel making whisky

      Since whisky is matured and aged in wooden casks, its taste and flavour is defined by this process. Given that much whisky is going to be aged for years and decades in the cask, the type of cask is crucial. The wood making the cask gives complex flavours and characteristics to the distillery. Some distilleries even split their aging period and change the cask during that period to make its flavour even more complex.

      There are 4 major types of wood used in the making of a whisky cask, namely American white oak, European oak, Mizunara oak and Maple. Casks made with different wood differ in density and the type of chemicals it releases into the liquid.

      Another way that a cask can affect the flavour of the whisky is charring and toasting. This process releases the sugar in the wood into the whisky, giving caramel or vanilla flavours.

      Whiskey Delivery in Hong Kong

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