Easy Guide to Sparkling Wine Pairings

When it’s hot out, it’s the perfect excuse for a chilled glass of sparkling wine! Whether you want to enjoy it on its own or pair it with food, here’s a quick and easy guide.
1. Moscato



















Moscato is a sweet sparkling that’s a must-have in every fridge at home. It’s sweet, bursting with fine bubbles, and great to have at any time of the day… like breakfast, we don’t judge. The key to pairing Moscato and food is finding a balance with opposites! Spicy Indian curry and Mexican seasoned fajitas for example. You can also pair with desserts like cheesecake, sweet and sweet. Why not?

2. Prosecco


















The word Prosecco comes from the village in Italy where this sparkling wine originates from. It tends to be a smidge sweeter than Champagne. You can enjoy it alone, in a Mimosa or Framboise Royale and pair with mild cheeses, sushi, seafood and vegetable-based dim sumSweet & salty appetizers are also great.

3. Cava

Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine, made the same way that Champagne is made but with different grapes. This bubbly is a match made in heaven with fried foods, creamy sauce-based dishes like pasta Alfredo, Chinese fried rice or Spanish paella.

4. Champagne


All Champagne is sparkling wine but not all sparkling wine is Champagne. This infamous bubbly is so versatile, it goes great with just about anything from breakfast to fried foods. Its small bubbles that produce a fruity but not always sweet taste, enhance the multitude of flavors of your meal.

5. Sparkling Rosé





Rosé and sparkling wine… the best of both worlds right? Take a bottle of bubbly pink to the park, order some cold-cut meats and cheese — voila! Add some olives and fruits of your choice. The bubbles will stabilize the salty flavors of your charcuterie board, while the sweetness of the fruits will enhance the sweeter notes of the Rosé.