Zardetto Prosecco Extra Dry

Zardetto Prosecco Extra Dry

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Region: Veneto, Italy.

Size: 750 ml

Alcohol: 11.5%

Grapes: 95% Prosecco (Glera) and 5% Chardonnay

Enjoy at 8-10°C


Tasting Notes:

Notes of orange rind, brioche, and honeyed grapefruit. Light-bodied, with abundant but delicate flavor.

The Vineyard:

Zardetto winemakers first lead by the forefather of the estate, Bepi Zardetto have been making award-winning wines for close to one hundred years and Prosecco since the 1950s. The terrior of the Veneto region is famed for Prosecco production.

The Zardetto vineyard is located in a complex hill system shaped by ancient glaciers, not far from the left bank of the river Piave, equidistant from the Dolomites. This provides protection which keeps its climate gentle and temperate. It is within this landscape between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene that the vineyard is located, contributing to the regions' fame as Italy's acclaimed exclusive region for Prosecco production.

Zardetto has been equipped with the best in modern winemaking machinery and technology, guaranteeing their ability to deliver high-quality Prosecco to a large international audience, and further enhancing the quality and flavor of the estate‰۪s impeccable collection. Today, Zardetto Prosecco is enjoyed from New York to Hong Kong, continuing the long and storied tradition of Zardetto for wine lovers around the world.