Rebel Yell肯塔基直波旁威士忌

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Region: Highlands, Scotland

Size: 700 ml

Alcohol: 40%



IWSC International Wine & Spirit Competition 91pts

Green pear and apple on the nose with some waxy, honeyed noted. Very soft and approachable. Grapefruit and pear notes on the palate with a complex finish. 


Tasting Profile

Walnut, Vanilla, Toffee, Orange Blossom


Nose - Toffee sweetness with orange blossom floral notes and a rich vein of vanilla.

Palate - Attractively sweet and floral alongside nutty and fruity flavours.

Finish - Endearingly smooth and creamy drawing out to a light vanilla close.



Taisteal derives its name from the Gaelic word for “journey”. The duality of Taisteal venturing into the world and the experiences facilitate for a new generation of whisky consumers is core to the brand.
Taisteal invites you to a journey, to experience a well-crafted union of timeless heritage whilst pioneering into the contemporary world in fresh and exciting ways,
to Explore The Old World Through New Eyes.


Taisteal's distilleries sit in the picturesque Highlands of Scotland, abundant with pure mountain water which continue to sustain them. The vast natural expanse of the Highlands and idiosyncrasies of their locations, production and distilling techniques account for the seemingly endless flavours to suit a multitude of palates.
Taisteal's distillers source the finest ingredients and harness the natural resources from the Northern Highlands where the River Spey begins its last leg from Highlands to sea, to the Eastern reaches by the River Tay and, to the South West to the South of Loch Lomond. They take their knowledge of the lands and centuries of experience to craft the unique liquids that characterises Taisteal and represent a true journey through the history, heritage of Scotland and the future of Scotch whisky.

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