Rosé All The Way!

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 Treat yourself, or send you besties, a whole box of Provence tonight!

6 bottles of Rosé, all from the Provence of Southern France, nicely packed in a PINK gift box.

Moreover, we've actually included a few dried lavender in the box. So not only you're going to have a taste of Provence, but let it fill up your living room as well!



1 X Château Astros L'Aventure Rosé 2020

1 X Esprit Intense Rosé 2020

1 X Château d'Astros Minuit Rose 2020

1 X Château d'Astros Moon Rosé NV

1 X Château des Marres - 2S 2020


1 X Château de l'Escarelle Rumeurs Rosé 2020