Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac- Baccarat Crystal

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Region: France

Size: 700 ml

Alcohol: 40%


Rémy Martin Louis XIII, who is also known in our country as Louis the Thirteenth, is often referred to as the King of Cognacs. Only eaux-de-vie from the Grand Champagne region are used in the distillation.

It matures for 40 to 100 years in Limousin oak barrels that are more than 100 years old. Each carafe is handmade by skilled craftsmen from the highest quality crystal. The carafe is stored in a luxury gift box and is individually numbered and marked. There is 20-carat gold on the neck and stopper.

Cognac has a small NFC chip integrated in the cork, which allows clients to connect to the Louis XIII Society (a private club where members can enjoy exclusive content, experiences and personalized services.)

After tasting cognac, you will be left with fruit tones in your mouth, which develop and last up to one hour!

Color: mahogany with red highlights
Aroma: exotic candied fruits, flowers, spices
Taste: wood, dried fruit, spices, honey, tobacco, plums, leather
Finish: very long, jasmine, saffron, tobacco, pepper, wood