Prosecco DOC Millesimato Extra Dry Sparkling Brut 2020

Prosecco DOC Millesimato Extra Dry Sparkling Brut 2020

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Region: Veneto DOC, Italy.

Size: 750 ml

Alcohol: 11%

Grapes: 100% Glera

Enjoy at 7-8°C

Tasting Notes:

Pale straw in colour with bouquet and taste of green apples and flowers.
Excellent as an aperitif or with lightly salted dishes.



The juice from the grapes undergo a short fermentation to a low alcohol in temperature controlled conditions. The resulting base wines are then blended by the winemaker to achieve the best balance of freshness and fruit character. Following this process the wine is fermented a second time. As the wine is placed under pressure the carbon dioxide gas that is produced as a bi-product of the fermentation is dissolved in the liquid, this is subsequently released as the bubbles that make the wine sparkle.


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