Plantation 3 Stars White Rum

Plantation 3 Stars White Rum

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Region: Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad

Size: 700 ml

Alcohol: 41.2%



Ultimate Spirit Challenge: 93

RumXP: Gold Medal Spirit Journal: 4


A blended white rum with aromas of brown sugar, honey and coffee. Grassy and herbal with flavors of dark chocolate, root beer and toasted marshmallow on the palate.” A blend of rums from three islands that are stars of Caribbean rum production. Master Distiller Alexandre Gabriel of Maison Ferrand set out to make the perfect white rum and created this award-winning, versatile blend. It’s made with unaged Barbados rum, unaged Jamaica rum, two to three year aged Trinidad rum and finally a proprietary blend of 10 to 15 year aged Jamaica rums. Light in body with tropical character and complex yet delicate, this should be your new go-to white rum for classic cocktails.