Coffee Infused Rum w/ Free Shot Glasses

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FREE shot glasses (X2) included with every bottle!


Country: Sweden

ABV: 30%

Yellow Eye is an organic rum liqueur with quality in focus. The ingredients are thoughtful picked to deliver the best taste, but also to have a positive impact on the environment during the production process.

In the creation of the unique flavour of Yellow Eye, premium organic specialty coffee is used. The type of roast is made exclusively for Yellow Eye in order to increase the aroma when the coffee beans extract its natural flavour along with the 5-year-old, oak-aged rum from Paraguay.

The hand-picked coffee beans are bought in a “Direc Trade” between the farmers and the Swedish coffee roasters Johan & Nyström to ensure that the quality always stays on top. In symbiosis with the secret composition of sices, the premium coffee along with the rum will give Yellow Eye its sophisticated and complex flavour.

Coffee + Rum. The birth of a new taste.


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