Aperol Spritz Set

Aperol Spritz Set

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Prosecco/ Sparkling
Ice & Accessories

What's in this set:

1 X  Aperol 750ml

1 X  Schweppes Sparkling Water 1250ml

2 bottles of Prosecco / Sparkling Brut of your choice



Add Ice and accessories package if you need.

Package included:
Ice 2kg
Plastic Mug 2.4L
Plastic Cup x25


How to make it:

Mix Prosecco / Brut, Aperol and Sparkling water in the ratio of 3:2:1. Feel free to tweak this ratio, but generally you want more Prosecco / Brut than the other ingredients.

Garnish with a slice or two of orange, give it a squeeze maybe if you want the orange scent stronger. Add ice if you're making a big glass to keep it chilled longer, skip the ice if its only a small glass, just use chilled Prosecco / Brut / Sparkling instead.