Black Russian/ Mind Eraser

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Choose your Vodka

Pick your Vodka and mix yourself a glass of Black Russian tonight!

What's in this set:

1 X  S. Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Water 750ml

1 X  Kahlua coffee liqueur 1000ml

1 bottle of Vodka of your choice.

How to make it: (Black Russian)

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add one part Kahlúa, two parts Vodka. Then mix and enjoy your very own Black Russian. Oh, and don't forget to garnish with a cherry on top.

How to make it: (Mind Eraser)

Important, fill the glass with ice to the brim. Add Kahlúa, then vodka and top off with sparkling water. This is a layered drink, don’t let the clear liquids fool you.

Tip: Don’t stir it up, let the layers rest in peace.